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Plunger Pumps

We offer qualitative range of plunger pumps (dosing pumps / metering pumps) and industrial metering pumps. Our range of plunger type dosing pumps, industrial metering pumps is positive displacement pumps and in each cycle of operation these pumps displace a particular amount of fluid.

The pumping action is created by the reciprocating motion of a plunger. As per the requirements of the customers, we offer our assortment of plunger metering pumps and industrial metering pumps in different models. Our plunger dosing pumps and industrial metering pumps, have two parts such as drive end mechanism and the liquid end mechanism. It can be distributed in simplex, duplex or multiple heads for handling various chemicals with a common motor to facilitate the whole operation. Each head is independently connected and the capacities of each head are also independently adjustable. Following are the specifications and features of our assortment:

  • It can achieve flow rates up to 10000 lts/hr and delivery pressures up to 400Kg/
  • Steady state metering accuracy of +/-1% of pump output.
  • At single setting of stroke from 10% to 100%.
  • Easily handles corrosive, abrasive or viscous fluids.
  • Heating of cooling jackets for liquid head also available.
  • Flow metering accuracy is almost independent of back pressure of liquid.
  • Piping layout (Acceleration losses & NPSHR).
  • Discharge flow rate is linear to ariation of stroke length.
  • M.O.C. (wetted parts): SS304 / SS316 / Alloy20 / Hastalloy B / Hastalloy C

Simplex Plunger Pumps

A simplex pump is a reciprocating pump. This pump has a single liquid cylinder which forces liquid out through the top outlet on both the in and the out stroke. They can be single acting or double acting.

Duplex Plunger Pumps

The duplex pump is similar to the simplex plunger pump, having two pistons instead of one, providing smoother operation with individual or common inlet & outlet.

Triplex Plunger Pumps

Triplex plunger pumps are very similar to duplex plunger pumps. They are reciprocating pumps with three cylinders. This pumps can be used for liner flow at high pressure.

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