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Diaphragm Pumps

SRS Pumps is a manufacturer of domestic and industrial diaphragm type dosing pumps, hydraulic diaphragm pumps, shaped diaphragm pumps and air-operated double diaphragm pumps.

Hydraulic Diaphragm Pump

In hydraulic pump the process liquid is isolated from plunger by hydraulic oil and a diaphragm. Normally Teflon is used as a diaphragm material due to its flexibility and corrosion resistivity.

Hydraulic diaphragm pumps are recommended for the applications where the leakage is not at all permitted. It provides an integral safety valve which can automatically protect the diaphragm while the fluctuation in the line.

Shaped Diaphragm Pump

Shaped diaphragm pumps (Mechanically Operated Diaphragm Pump) without gland packing and hydraulic oil can be offered for dosing chemicals and other liquids. Here the shaped diaphragm is directly connected to the reciprocating mechanical parts from the connecting rod mechanism. Viton, Neoprene or Teflon faced rubber are working as a diaphragm material.

Single Diaphragm Pump

A single diaphragm separates the wetted area from the hydraulic chamber. During the discharge stroke the diaphragm is balanced by the hydraulic liquid only.

Double Diaphragm Pump

When the liquid being is highly corrosive, the backup diaphragm will keep the liquid out of pump body in the primary diaphragm, allowing the diaphragm to be replaced before the pump is damaged.

Sandwich Diaphragm Pump

It's two identical diaphragms mounted together and operating as one piece. Since either diaphragm is capable of full pump performance, each is the backup of the other. Should one fail, operation continues without interruption on the other, there is no leakage or air sucked into the process and no mixing of the process fluid with the hydraulic oil. A pressure gauge reading between the diaphragms monitors the diaphragm conditions, no pressure indicates the diaphragms are okay while pressure indicates that the pump is operated on one diaphragm."Sandwich" diaphragms have very long live years even in continuous operation.

Liquid Ends

Liquid ends can be offered in S.S 304, S.S.316, Hastelloy B or C, Alloy 20, P.P, P.V.C, PTFE, Cast Nylon, Teflon and etc. Capacity Max - 15000 LPH. Pressure Max - 15 bar.

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