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Chemical Dosing Systems

SRS Pumps do design, manufacture and install the chemical dosing systems for petrochemical applications and water treatment plants.

The chemical dosing systems where totally customized to fit customer's requirements and to ensure the maximum efficiency in chemical dosing required by the process for the specific application.

We follow the international quality standards. We provide the skid mounted chemical dosing systems with qualitative range. Our quality engineers check each and every component according to the required quality specifications. We conduct trail process before shifting the chemical dosing system to the customers’s location. All the components are calculated as per the discharge pressure of the skid mounted dosing systems for safety precautions of the System. We can also supply the chemical dosing systems for following applications...

  • Chlorine dosing system,
  • Boiler chemical dosing system,
  • Oil heating system,
  • Additive Injection System,
  • Slurry dosing system,
  • Alcholic Dosing System,
  • Blue dye injection system,
  • Perfural dosing system,
  • Marker dosing system,
  • Bio-diesel blending system,
  • PH Level control dosing system,
  • Pumping units and other such duties.

Dosing system are designed to meet the need for accurate and precise dosages for chemical and water treatment plants.

It uses the best vailable metering pumps which may have a higher price than that of a competitor, but the true cost of owning a these pumps must take into account with the life expectancy of the entire system and its key components, the frequency of repairs, the cost of repairs and downtime, the cost of labor, and the energy consumption of the system, the spares to be maintained.

The diaphragm is made of high quality raw-materials. The body is made of SS, PVC or polypropylene, suitable for most chemical and water treatment applications. Other materials such as acrylic and teflon can be provided depending on the liquid to be dosed.

The Chemical Dosing System consists of a solution tank, pumps and accessories. Please contact us for more information about the chemical dosing systems.

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Chemical Dosing System